The time of the clown needs to come to an end!!

Well our worst nightmare has happened, today the Conservative Membership voted a total clown into running the United Kingdom. A circus would not even employ him but the Tories think that we need him.

This clown is a racist, liar, fascist, bumbling idiot who uses big strange words when answering questions.

The time of the clown needs to come to an end sooner than later.

There is only one man and Political Party who I and many millions around the country would feel safe to look after their wellbeing.

Yes… Jeremy Corbyn and the real Labour Party.

The fact that Labour Blairites, who are under the control of the Jewish Zionists with in the Party, just want to keep turning against both the Party and Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn wants to take the party forward in the way of true Socialism, defending the people, jobs and public services. This is a man who will not be forced into anything that he believes could/would be bad for the country and its people.

If the Blairites want to have a Party that plays to the Tony Blair tune then why not leave and start their own new Blairite Party and leave the real socialists to get on with what they do best, running a Government for the many and not the few.

It is my opinion that we should vote the Labour Party into power at the next General Election sooner than later and get rid of the clown and his totally inadequate Government and Party.

I will do as much as I can to help this happen and I hope that everyone else will help elect the right Party into Number 10.